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Sporting is now one month old.

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How do you reach to feed? Sporting at one month Sporting with Lotti, and Mum.

Several mares have been visiting Dakar.

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  Hi Ladies! Where is he?

A Barbecue party, with guests from Doggy Style, Lagos and Pé de Vento, Portimão, included "Ram-fighting" and riding.

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Perky_chases.JPG (22793 bytes) Mario_safe.JPG (14866 bytes) They_run.JPG (19146 bytes)

Tania and Rama in retirement near Raposeira.

Rama at Raposeira.JPG (19821 bytes) Tania at Raposeira.JPG (21975 bytes) D_and_T.JPG (25261 bytes)
Rama. Stables in background.
NO! The one on the left.
Tania Looks like Deborah is in
retirement as well!

All the puppies are now sold, except for Fairy, who is joining our pack.

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Quite at home with Tara!   ON THE SOFA??

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