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Trying to do something with the pasture field. Unfortunately the weeds flourish whilst the grass doesn't when it is trying to survive only by irrigation from the well.

pasture weeding.JPG (34902 bytes) pasturespray.JPG (16780 bytes)
Cutting the weeds before they seed. Watering.
(Note menage floodlight on pole)

B---dyhard work.JPG (25190 bytes)

and the maize has to be watered like this!

Xica, after six months turned out, needed some tidying up before being seen in public. She has retired to Barão de São João, where she will be keeping company with Natasha, Princesa and King.
The farrier has called to start everyone off for the coming season on the right foot.....and, at last, the horses will have matching new name plates, with their true names on them, over their own stalls!

xica winter coat.JPG (8381 bytes) Farrier.JPG (18882 bytes) New nameplates.JPG (25519 bytes)
The Winter coats come off, feet are attended to and a little job is finally completed.

Xica with Natasha, Princesa and King going home to their owner's new stables.

Natasha and owner.JPG (22855 bytes) D with Princesa and King.JPG (26114 bytes) Off we go then.JPG (16932 bytes)
The Owner on Natasha Princesa and King ready to go. Going home.

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