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July 1999

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West Coast Ride lunchtime The Forest Picnic Leaving the picnic spot

Our Adventure trails have proved popular this month.

MrDarcy.JPG (24377 bytes) Lizzie.JPG (11425 bytes)
Mr. Darcy Lizzie

The new arrivals, Mr. Darcy and Lizzie, are a pair of six-month old Peafowl. Still very shy, but beginning to eat out of Tiffany's hand, it is difficult to get them out in the pen to take a photograph. They seem to be partial to tomatoes and the red biscuits in Lidl's dried cat food.
Mr. Darcy will not develope his full tail plumage until next year.

somebodys birthday.JPG (12143 bytes) fire motos.JPG (23358 bytes)
Somebody's Birthday Cheesecake New Lagos Fire Engines visiting !

Mario and Pedro visited us on the new 50cc motorbikes. Equipped with fire-extinguishers and fire-beaters, these vehicles enable the Bombeiros to patrol remote areas down tracks and through the forest, with, of course, their radios to hand to call out the big boys if necessary.

perola.JPG (17834 bytes)

Perola, an 7/8 Arab filly, has joined us on livery, and for initial training. Kept on her own before, with little contact with humans or other horses, she is already learning to socialise.

posthole.JPG (22593 bytes) newtoy.JPG (18065 bytes)
A Post Hole The new toy arrived too late for
the effort on the left.
More on this next month!

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