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November 1999

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Perky was butting Dakar whilst he was rolling. "Look here!" said Dakar and proceeded to try and pick the ram up off the ground.

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Tiffany and Fouquet at a competition at Quinta Sta. Isabel, Portimão. They came second in the 1.00m Open (Table A3), and 6th in the 1.10m Open (Table A5). Many thanks to the Supporters Group!!

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Catboxchicks.JPG (17909 bytes)

A bucket full of eight orphan bantam chicks, due to the activities of Dribble and Fairy. Four were adopted by another bantam with chicks, but they didn't survive. The other four, three have survived and are living in the cat box next to the fire. A further two, under a third hen have just hatched.
We don't know what has got into these birds! Don't they know that the Winter is not the time to try and bring up little feathered babies!

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BBC film crew on location at Praia da Luz and Lagos.

3sunburnt.JPG (47140 bytes)

Winter is also not the time to strip off and sit on the beach for the afternoon, especially after getting up at dawn. Three of the crowd getting "Sunburn".

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