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Due to various circumstances, our news for December, January and February is extremely late.

Woodhenge developed into a shelter and holding paddock.

building shelter.JPG (18415 bytes) Shelter.JPG (17650 bytes)
Under Construction Ready for use!

On New Year's Eve we had a hurricane!

Rooftie3101.JPG (19319 bytes) tree3101.JPG (17957 bytes) Mariofriends3101.JPG (18017 bytes)
We tied the roof down to the tractor We lost an Almond Tree The Fire Brigade

We didn't need the Fire Brigade. A friend of the family amongst the crew, they just called in for refreshment between tree-clearing and other damage control missions.

On the 26th January Kitty (and LJ) had five puppies, which are now ready to find new homes!




puppies99.JPG (30306 bytes) Fairy(f)





On the 20th February Dourada (and Dakar) had a foal, Sporting. Don't know about genetics, but he's a bay. Dakar is from a long line of greys and chestnuts. Dourada from a line of chestnuts....
and we're DEFINITE about the parentage!!

sportn.jpg (39886 bytes) Sporting.JPG (20244 bytes)
What are these long things that hold me up? Sporting

Tania has now joined Rama in retirement near Raposeira, but nobody has remembered to take the camera with them visiting.

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