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July 1998

We received our Association of British Riding Schools approval.
The lamb Perky (Maais) arrived.
Mondays and Fridays are very busy this month, as the Riding Centre ran 'Begin Riding' courses in association with the junior activities section of First Choice Holidays.
Lagos Children's Home also visited for an activity afternoon.
We had three temporary liveries, that traveled all the way from Switzerland, and are waiting for their stables to be completed. They are Paint Quarter Horses.

August 1998

The new front stalls were given a roof and a floor and even the old front stalls received a ground-lift.
The man from the mill with his mare came to collect his jack-donkey who had strayed into our fields.

September 1998 and October 1998

September sees summer staff returning home and as soon as it has rained sufficiently it is time to get the land ploughed, hedges planted and everything clean and tidy to put away for winter. 
Princesa's foal King was born 11th September. She was on livery here with Natasha.

November 1998

Her dog Tepika, missing believed STOLEN, whilst Deborah was in Australia. A reward is offered for information.

PlantedTepikka.JPG (22728 bytes) Tepika.JPG (21801 bytes)
Teppika Teppika and the gang

Our Riding Holiday Guests this November enjoyed a day trip to the Annual Festival at Golegă.
Lotaria, Bueréré and Jalavi arrived.

December 1998

Woodhenge developed into a shelter and holding paddock.
On New Year's Eve we had a hurrican!

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