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February 2001

Wet weather continued with puddles in the arena and the rivers running

....... and only one or two thunderstorms.

Hail in the front yard -on the patio - and all the run off into the mares' paddock


With shoes on, Megan can go now out for hacks -

Ballykiss Angel II


Tiffany's Portuguese Saddle First put saddle on Dakar

(saddle-cover on as showers imminent!)
Then put rider on saddle - in full armour?

For more photographs of the Vila do Bispo Carnival Cavalcade

A note on our birds. We had a fox round, which had the Guinea Fowl and several bantams for early breakfast. Dakar objected to Zé Grande taking refuge in his stable.

The Peacock cage wire has disintegrated. First Lizzie got out, and it was impossible to catch her. She was coming around for food for about a week, but we couldn't find where she was roosting. Then Mr. Bingley escaped and spent the whole day on the back stables roof. At feed time he had disappeared and only a small remnant was found the next morning. 
However, Jane is now out and feeding and roosting with Zé!  

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