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August 2000

Dakar at FATACIL 

The annual fair at Lagoa took place during the month of August. Dakar was on show with other horses from the region. As he was in a stall next to the passage way he enjoyed receiving much attention. 

The pups first day outside

Angel Belle

Kitty and Jack's puppies starting to explore outside under the watchful eye of Mum. All were spoken for before they were born.

Angel Belle, the dun Quarter-horse mare from the States, has now joined our herd. She is Deborah's favorite and often is the lead horse on rides.

Was this load three - or four?

More hay arrived to be stacked.

Mud!  A peachick!

L.J. indulged in that great Jack Russell passion - digging - and filled his lampshade up with mud.

The new peacocks presented us with 4 eggs, which were put under a broody bantam. Three successfully hatched, but Tramp stomped on one when it strayed into his stable. The two remaining ones are doing fine, and already developing the plume of feathers on their heads.

Siesta time The Eucalyptus Grove by the windmill
View towards Sagres View towards Figueira

Looking for more routes through the countryside, some riders, who have visited us several times before, enjoyed a true adventure in a ride towards Sagres. A picnic was taken at the spot with the views above. 

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