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July 2000

Load One

Load Two - the lorry just fits alongside the stables 

The arrival of at least two loads of "hay" this month makes it look like this time last year. Without a "resident" Swede to help us, however, it took longer to get it all put away.

On board at last -

and a walk on the mountain top

Tiffany's first time on Megan, who gets worried about having people higher than herself. She always looks down her nose at us. 

The foals  in July

Most people, when they see the foals together now, mistake Sonhar for Touché's Mum, Scrumpy. 

Kitty and co.  Mr. LJ Buttons Bucketman

Kitty presented Claire with her first puppy, which meant waking Katie up to watch the rest arrive. 

L.J. had to have his ears sewn with buttons due to haematomas in BOTH ears. On one visit to the vet for a check-up someone commented that it looked like animal body-piercing! To add to his embarrassment he also had to wear a bucket on his head.

Another pair of Peacocks, Mr. Bingley and Jane, join Lizzie Someone bought a Goat

New arrivals included Mr. Bingley and Jane, who shortly started laying.

Katie wouldn't leave Odeaxere market without Pandora, the young nanny-goat, in tow. She was brought home in the back of someone's hire car! 

Another Forest Picnic

Nobody has sent us a photo yet of the hilarious "fun" gymkhana (Scrumy won hands - or should that be hooves - down) so here is one of the several picnics in the Forest.

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