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June 2000


(known as Megan)

The highlight of June (and one of the many reasons why we have been too busy to get the news up on time) was the arrival of Ballykissangel from the U.K..

Nearly 18hh?

Starting again

Megan (stable name) is a three-quarter Irish Draught mare by Keal Keal Dan out of Purple and Gold. Five years old this May, over 17.2hh with some growing to do, she was backed at three, but has had no work since.

Guinea Fowl

Some more newcomers who are not doing as well - originally there were four of them - due to visiting dog's activities there are only two.

Sonhar do Ferro Trés Bien and Patti


Ready Steady? Go!

The foals are now 6 months, 4 months and 2 months (more or less). Touché having a rapid tear-around above. 
Now their mothers are back in work occasionally, Touché, the youngest, couldn't care less! and is content to stay in the paddock with the others, even though Trés gets his own back as Scrumpy is not there to defend her son. Although free to follow at foot on the first few lead reins, Touché found that his "schoolfriends" were more interesting than his mother's journeys and so was put back in with them for safety. 
Trés Bien, after being shut in a stuffy stable while Patti was out, has now decided that it is more pleasant to stay outside with his peers.  


Large Psammodromus (psammodromus algiris) 
The reptile of the month.
 The most common lizard of the area according to
 the reptile book, but very well camouflaged,
 so not often noticed


Cloud came visiting on her own, and had to be transported home - 
so is this a Citroen trés cheval ?

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