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October 2000

Back from the Ride

The Barbeque Lunch

Tiffany's first Convivial Ride took place on the first full weekend. Some fifteen local riders took part in a two to three hour hack through the countryside and more joined us for the Barbeque afterwards. 
The afternoon saw crazy games on horseback in the arena, involving barrels, bending and simple jumping - all for fun.
Everybody seems to have enjoyed themselves, so much so that we are being asked to hold another especially by those who missed out!

Tiffany's Team Tiffany on Buey

Claire on Ivory Deborah with Angel
A Raid (Long Distance Ride) was held at
 Bensafrim on the following weekend.

Team Tiffany came in 11th, 12th and 13th
 place, with all three horses proving fitness.

  Near the Finish



with a young rider

Welcome to Candida (Candy), who joined the herd this month. Technically a Skewbald, as she has several white markings on her belly, this little (13.1hh) chestnut pony has already proved herself a useful addition to the stables. Although still learning with her riders during lessons, she is willing enough and thoroughly controllable when out on a hack. 

Rama - October 2000 Tanya - October 2000

Deborah and her pony

Trés chasing Touché

Some old and some new.

New Bantams  The New Bantams again A new Bantam and the Peachick

Six new 12-week-old Bantams of different breeds arrived during the month. The two black with white speckles and longer legs are Anconas. The four rounder ones, with feathery feet, are like Cochins or Brahmas.
The sole surviving Peachick is on the left, and appears to be quite happy thinking itself to be a bantam! 

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