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Special September Latest News. 25th September 2001

Deborah & Michael have set out from England to Portugal in the "new" Horsebox.

the van
Side view The Horsebox - Michael & co-driver

We tried to swap it for one of John Parkers Air conditioned/air suspension monsters but they were not interested.

In the van apart from Michael, Deborah and Drifta (the co-driver) are Rupert and Daffs

Rupert daffodil





Rupert being loaded at Parkers Under the watch of Jacky

The staff at John Parkers were wonderful. The van had to be cleaned and disinfected before crossing the Channel. Their advice and assistance was excellent. Especially as Jacky was not very impressed by the idea of using such an old van to carry horses so far.

The John Parkers yard at Hythe is fascinating - there are huge horse boxes coming and going at all hours. The horses in the loose boxes had changed every time we visited (over just 2 days!). John Parker estimated that between 4000 to 5000 horses pass through the yard each year. Going and coming from all over Europe.

An experiment - this link should download a short very low resolution video of the horses being loaded onto the van.

Please have patience while it downloads.

Saturday - September 29th

The Horsebox comes up the drive Unloading Rupert Unloading Daffs

Sunday - September 30th

Rupert and Daffs explore the sand paddock.

Deborah with Drifta, her Australian Blue Heeler

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