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Graves 7 and 9

Tholus No.7 has been thoroughly excavated, and reconstructed. Its diameter is approximately 27 metres.
The berm or periphery laid in schist can be seen on the right and below.
The mesh barrier on the top guards the crypt - below right. This is the centre of the tomb, and held two burial and one ritual niche

Facade and entrance to the tholus, which face east. 
Two steps give access to the narrow corridor, roofed 
with limestone megaliths, and divided into three by
flanking monoliths. The crypt occupies the geometrical centre of the tumulus and is paved with slabs of limestone.

Below left, next to the path to the facade lie two megaliths.

Below right, the marker for tomb number 9, a passage grave, and the path down to an 18th century lime kiln.

Plan of tomb 7 from the IPPAR brochure

Plan of Tomb 9 from the IPPAR brochure

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