templeoutline.gif (8453 bytes)Monsaraz, Evora 
Alentejo - Evora
Rural Tourism Accommodation near Estremoz: 
Monte da Fornalha

Another World Heritage Site
an old walled town with the inevitable castle. No cars are allowed to circulate within the walls. The town specialises in the traditional Alentejan hand-painted furniture and woven blankets.

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The Outeiro Menhir, with the walled town
and castle of  Monsaraz on the hill behind.

The photo to the right shows the interior 
of the castle. The castle keep towers above
the earliest known bullring in Portugal, now 
being used as a football pitch.
Just to the left of the keep is the arch
through which the bulls entered the arena 
from the pens behind the wall.

Reguengos de Monsaraz is a wine-making town. Here, as in Monsaraz, blankets are woven and furniture painted in the traditional style.
The name Reguengos signified a parcel of land on which the tenant owed dues directly to the crown.

Granja is another wine making town.

Mourão. A town with a castle built by the Moors, as its name suggests. It is not far from Moura, again with another Moorish castle.

Mourão Castle

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