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Alentejo - Evora
Rural Tourism Accommodation near Estremoz: 
Monte da Fornalha
Rural Bed & Breakfast near Pavia 

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Torre de Aguia, Mora

The Torre de Aguia, "Tower of the Eagle" is a mediaeval tower previously a hunting lodge.

Brotas church is an ancient pilgrimage site. Below the church are the 16th century houses for the pilgrims.
There many places in Brazil named Brotas after this town, and each has a relic of some sort from this "mother church".

In the centre of this small village is the notable church of São Dinis, converted from a dolmen, ("anta" in Portuguese). The tiny chapel has room for an altar, with a statue of the Virgin Mary, and standing space for a congregation of about three!

The dolmen church of São Dinis

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