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Yet more.JPG (21641 bytes) There is not a Number 5 on the tour, as this, in general, points out the abundance of flora on the hillsides.

On the way up to Menhir 6, another was found.


Menhir 6  (photo October 2000)
A phallic stone. The photograph below has emphasised the faint engravings in blue.

Menhir 7

It is believed that this stone was toppled to point to the ancient Chapel of the Crows, the old resting place of St. Vincent. The stone is heavily decorated with Christian symbols including the Five Wounds of Christ. The Knights Templars in the 13th Century, and the Franciscan Monks later, were keen on "de-paganising" such stones. 

It is also engraved with "Lisboa" and "1644". After the restoration of the Portuguese Royal line to the throne in 1640 the land to the South of here, called Terras do Reguengo*,  was "reclaimed" by carving such graffitti.

*"Reguengo" means 'land belonging to the crown'.


Gatepost.JPG (29876 bytes) Menhir 8

This one must have come in handy to use as a fence post or gate hinge.

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