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Lisboatoo.JPG (23094 bytes) Menhir 9

Across the valley and up the hill to some bushes is found the last Menhir marked on the route. This, like Menhir 7, is engraved with the word "Lisboa".

Linnaea.JPG (31955 bytes) A bonus on this walk was the wide variety of wild flowers to be seen, including orchids, thyme, valarian, campion, borage - in fact there are too many to mention!

Left:  Unsure of the identification, but it could be Linnaea Algarvisomething. If it is, this tiny plant is unique in the world and is only found in this area.

Below left:  Two curving stalks of wild Asparagus.

Below:  Here are some Grape Hyacinths.

Wild asparagus.JPG (20952 bytes)                      Grape hyacinth.JPG (32093 bytes)

The afternoon walk was at Boca do Rio, which you can find described in the Vale Grifo pages.

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A Menhir near Ingrina


The fragment of Menhir on the right is in a garden near Figueira, and has been relocated here as a garden ornament!
There are believed to be well over a hundred Menhirs in the Vila do Bispo area.
As interest in these 5000 year old symbols increases, some are now being unofficially re-erected, close to their original locations.
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