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What to take home from the Algarve.

The choice of handcrafted goods is plentiful. There are "Artisanatos" offering a wide range of local pottery, rag-rugs, basketweave and crochet items, and lace and appliqué from Madeira.

Local produce to buy includes Honey, Medronha, Fig cakes and the Marzipan shapes, which are a speciality of the area. The most lethal of these is the Medronha, a fiery spirit distilled in the Monchique Mountains from the fruit of the Arbutus, or Strawberry Tree.

Wines and Port-wines from all over Portugal are displayed in the local supermarkets and garrafarias.

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Perfume may be found even cheaper than in the Airport duty-free areas.

Leather shoes and handbags are a good buy.

Twice a month Gypsy markets are held in the area. One is at Lagos, on the first Saturday of each month, and the other at Odiáxere, a little further to the East. Lagos has mainly clothing (check for seconds) and household goods for sale, but Odiáxere was also a farmers’ market, where they traded their animals. Since the Foot and Mouth in the U.K. transport restrictions have halted this activity.

Scenes at Odeáxere Market (1999).
(Fourth Monday of every month)

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