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Some Aerial Photographs of Lagos taken from a Microlight

Lagos Marina.JPG (31717 bytes) Lagos fishing port.JPG (27012 bytes)
Lagos Marina Lagos Fishing Port
Lagos from air.JPG (29974 bytes) Feira Franca.JPG (20952 bytes)
General view looking South-West The Market by the Bull Ring and Stadium


Some Views of Lagos

Station front.JPG (13803 bytes)

Station back.JPG (16569 bytes)

The little railway station.
Now almost comletely hidden by the
Marina buildings, find it on the road
to the beach via the Marina.

The diesel train at the station.
The train goes to Tunes, where one changes
to travel on to Faro or Lisbon. The journey
to Faro, seeing a lot of the coastal Algarve
could also make a good day-trip!

Avenida Spring Afternoon.JPG (14647 bytes)

kiosk by arch.JPG (16811 bytes)

The Avenida on a Spring Afternoon A street Kiosk near the Western Walls

More Photographs of Lagos

LgsView.gif (64819 bytes)
Panarama across the walls to Meia Praia

Where to Stay around Lagos.

As well as Hotels, there are Residencias and Pensões offering Bed and Breakfast and self-catering Holiday Apartments and Villas. For those on the move there are Motels, Campsites and a Youth Hostel.

Youth Hostel Lagos.JPG (18314 bytes) Queuing for a turn on the Internet at
the Pousada de Juventude, the Youth Hostel,
situated in Rua de Lançerote de Freitas.

A Lagos website - with webcam

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