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Spring Flowers within 200m of Vale Grifo Farmhouse.

All taken by inexpert photographer with digital camera on "idiot" settings in Spring 1999.

These few examples show some of the variety in the riot of size, colour and shape within a small area. This is the best time of year to visit if you enjoy country walks (or rides!) through nature's canvas.

blue hound's tongue.JPG (29770 bytes) bugloss.JPG (29243 bytes) borage.JPG (36003 bytes)
Blue Hound's Tongue in the drive Bugloss in the Lucerne field Borage, all over the place
vipers bugloss.JPG (38972 bytes) field scabious.JPG (31340 bytes) honeywort.JPG (36996 bytes)
Viper's Bugloss in the Lucerne Field Field Scabious on "Orchid Slope" Honeywort on "Orchid Slope"
lesser periwinkle.JPG (26433 bytes) poppy in Lucerne.JPG (31748 bytes) kind of vetch.JPG (25916 bytes)
Lesser Periwinkle in the dry stone walls Field Poppy in the Lucerne Field Unknown vetch/pea in Ferro's Field
thistle.JPG (37536 bytes) waterlilies.JPG (9838 bytes) daisy.JPG (33446 bytes)
Unidentified Thistle Water Lilies in the cistern Large daisy/chamomile all over the place

Although not experts, we always try and identify the flowers, birds, reptiles, insects and mammals that we see around, using a small collection of reference books. If anyone can identify any of the "Unknowns" from the photographs above, we'd like to know. Can anyone recommend a Good reptiles and snakes reference book or a book on spiders.

Nature: - Bulbs and Orchids - Trees and Bushes - Other Flowers
Butterflies and Moths - Amphibians and Reptiles - The Dragonfly

Creepy Crawlies - Birds

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