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September 2000

Breakfast at Tiffany's  A Country Ride

A ride that was only introduced this August is "Breakfast at Tiffany's". An hour and a half's ride comes back to a large Continental Breakfast.
The Country ride (right) sets out across the hills for an hour.


having a workout with João

A friend is helping Tiffany with Megan's progress.


Who could resist keeping this little girl? We couldn't!

Return from the Raid

Awaiting vetting

Having a rest

Touché having a rest
Tiffany and Ivory Ivory telling Deborah that it's scary

Tiffany's had five horses on exhibition at the First AgroExpo at Vila do Bispo. A small display was staged every other day in the arena. Early on a Raid (Endurance Ride) was held, and Showjumping took place on the last day.

The less said the better about the actual competitions! Ivory was only entered into the Showjumping as he was there, and he knew how to jump (when he felt like it). As he had never been introduced to actual Show Jumps before, he decided that they were rather scary and not to be approached closely!
Dakar doesn't jump; Angel Bell was lame; Touché too young and Scrumpy stole the show as most of the spectators didn't believe she could jump high enough. 

More pictures from the First AgroExpo of Vila do Bispo.

Pictures from a Riding Holiday

The Riding Holiday leaving the picnic spot Visit  The Forest Pond

The Ghecko Hunter,

with a new line in earrings!

Hope you had a great time! We certainly enjoyed your company.

Trés Bien, Sonhar and Champagne

These three are nearly all the same height now.
See Dakar and Fouquet's pedigrees for foal photos taken this month.

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