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A little further East than originally we were going to cover, the annual FATACIL fair always seems to be visited, even though we say to ourselves "There'll be nothing new there!" The journey to Lagoa is usually a bit of a bind, as everybody in the Algarve seems to be heading the same way!

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This year, the exhibition ran from the 20th to the 30th August. As well as Artisans' stalls, Tourist information, Agricultural machinery, Commercial stands and Industrial machinery there are livestock shows, horse displays and competitions, live music shows, folklore displays, and plenty of traditional food, snacks and beverages to buy or sample.

Here are a few photographs of some of the Artisans' stalls.

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Hand-painted tiles "Azulejos". Creating pictures from fish scales, onion and garlic skins. Creating pictures from local wild flowers.
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Working at a hand-loom. Hand-painted items and furniture from the Alentejo. The model cart maker's stand.
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Leather working. Palm and cane work. The model boat maker.
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Drawn thread work, lace and embroidery Patchwork. Honey and Apiculture

Hand-made Arraiolos carpets

Some wild animals....

javali.JPG (12236 bytes) mongoose.JPG (29883 bytes)
A sleeping Wild Boar (Javali) A Mongoose (Sacarrabos) Tiffany and Ferro

Some "Snackers"

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Fried doughnuts (Farturas) Barbecued Octopus A selection of local sweets

Unfortunately the lighting was not good enough, and the flash was not far reaching enough to bring you pictures of the live concerts, riding displays and livestock.


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