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Missing! Believed Stolen!

PlantedTepikka.JPG (22728 bytes) Tepika.JPG (21801 bytes)
Teppika Teppika and the gang

The day after these photos were put on the web for her absent owner, this little dog completely disappeared. She had been playing with us just before a ride went out, and we presume she was on her own by the car park, waiting for the horses to return, when some opportunist took her. The same afternoon, within the same few hours, a friend, living some 2˝ kms away also found that her daughter's dog had also disappeared. Within the last month it appears as if this area has been struck by dog-nappers.
Highly unlikely as it is, coincidences have been known to happen, so should anyone out there happen to see her, there is a reward for information leading to her recovery.

New Arrivals.

Loteria.JPG (13044 bytes) Jellymeet.JPG (12763 bytes) Whoarethey.JPG (18952 bytes)
Lotaria (Lotti)
9? months old foal that needed loving care
Buerere (Baby)
Meeting Pedro and Ivory
Ja La Vai (Jelly)
Saying "Hallo" to Tania and the Munch Bunch

Our Riding Holiday Guests this November enjoyed a day trip to the Annual Festival at Golegă.

Coming shortly? There is a strange grouping of poles in the field. Could it be a Portuguese version of Woodhenge, or are the horses to get a new shelter and holding paddock for when (if?) it gets wet?

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