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Places in the South West Algarve  

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Praia da Luz

This tourist town, its fishing tradition now only found in isolated pockets to the west in the original village, has many holiday-villa complexes. In addition there is a four-star Hotel on the road to Espiche, an Orbitur Campsite on the road to Lagos, and at least one "Residencial" on the road to Burgau.
The beach is a reasonable size - if you can see it at the height of the Summer!
To the east, running the height of the cliffs, is the prominent black rock, known as Rocha Negra. This is an intrusion of lava produced from the volcanoes of Monchique some 190 million to 135 million years ago. Don't worry! If anybody had been around then, they could have seen North America from Cape St. Vincent.               
Several watersports can be enjoyed, including diving.
There are numerous bars, and restaurants, most of them catering for the English visitor. Quizzes, Satellite TV and Karaoke may be among the weekly offerings at one or more bars. There is also a cinema, showing nearly the latest films with their original soundtracks, and Portuguese sub-titles. More than one discotheque can be found on the sea-front.
The village's origins date back to Roman times, as a small bath complex, and several fish-salting tanks were found near the foreshore in the Waterside developement.
It also boasts one of the 17th Century coastal forts, which is now a restaurant.

The church of Nossa Senhora da Luz (Our Lady of the Light), from which the village takes its name, was badly damaged in the Great Earthquake, and repaired by local contributions.

Some pictures of Praia da Luz

Pluz1.JPG (10253 bytes)

View of Praia da Luz looking East to the Black Rock
with Ponte de Piadade, Lagos, beyond

lzfort.JPG (11118 bytes) lzigreja.JPG (11100 bytes) lzroman.JPG (16645 bytes)
The Forteleza Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz The Roman Aquaduct

My Favourite View.JPG (32314 bytes)

Many artists painted this scene, and titled it "My Favourite View" (1999)
Now much changed by the improvement of the road - and the construction
 of mushrooming complexes and urbinisations on the land beyond the now
demolished cottage on the right.

A Praia da Luz website - with webcam

  A Praia da Luz Travel Guide and Classifieds  


This was small fishing village, with steep, narrow, cobbled streets leading down to the beach. If you attempted to take a car down there, you would have found your way blocked to the road up by fishing boats!  It is now No Entry.
Two hotels and burgeoning developement show how popular this village has become.

The small beach has a pleasant Beach Bar/Restaurant, and there are many other Restaurants and Bars in the village.

There is a Sports Centre on the road north to the main road.

Some pictures of Burgau

burgaubeach.JPG (16834 bytes)

View of Burgau Beach from the Forteleza
(and now Hotel de Burgau) looking West

bugaufort.JPG (18609 bytes) bugaurua.JPG (24384 bytes) burgaures.JPG (23577 bytes)
The ruins of the Forteleza    Street scene with wash tub   Enjoying the sunshine
casagrande.JPG (18815 bytes)

The "Fawlty Towers" of the Algarve (1999)
Now almost obscured by developement!!!

A Burgau website - with Webcam

  A Burgau Travel Guide and Classifieds  

Cabanas Velhas

There are a couple of restaurants, the Dom Dinis and the Oasis, on the road to the West, going out of Burgau by the bus stop. Passing small villas and old farms, eventually there is a track to the left opposite the Oasis, which leads down to the beach of Cabanas Velhas - the Old Cabins.
This beach is also known as Fisherman's Beach or Quarry Beach, as there is an old quay there, where stone was shipped out, which is now used for fishing. The Old Cabins can be seen on the hill.

Some pictures of Cabanas Velhas

The view from the road (1999)

cabanasbeach.JPG (11961 bytes)

The Beach looking East
to the Old Cabins and Quay

2000:- The Beach Restaurant and Bar has now been demolished, and it is proposed to built a hostel in the valley for visiting youngsters to enjoy the natural surroundings and the sports facilities in the Vila do Bispo area.
2006:- The area is now highly developed (even though in the Parque Natural Cape St. Vincent and Alentejo) as much of the construction had been planned before the instatement of the park. A new restaurant has been built.

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