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A village on the main EN 125, with roads that lead south to Praia da Luz, and north to Barăo de Săo Joăo. Going into the village, rather than by-passing it on the main road, you will find several restaurants and bars.
More active than Almádena, in the sense of the community, the 'Espichense' have their own church, their own sports club and hold village parties and dances.
Vale Grifo and Tiffany's Riding Centre are only two kilometres away, to the west!
For accommodation for 4 to 5 people try Horta da Avozinha, just north of Espiche,
or Bed and Breakfast is available at Belo Horizonte, the Guest House next door to Tiffany's.

Some pictures of Espiche

Espiche from 125.JPG (14162 bytes) espiche fountain.JPG (21041 bytes) Espiche to collect water.JPG (13511 bytes)

Espiche from the EN125 (1999)

The Public Fountain (and bus stop) (1999) Going to collect water (1999)
Espiche palm tree.JPG (18348 bytes) Espichenora.JPG (17864 bytes) Espiche tracks.JPG (24257 bytes)
Palmtree on the old main road (1999) A Well, with  a  Nora Countryside to the North



A small, but rapidly expanding, village that now boasts three restaurants (O Celeiro, O Poço and O Convivio) and several bars. There is also a small market for farmers' produce and two small 'Mini-mercado's.
A Community Centre is under construction (2006)

There's not much more of note about it, but Vale Grifo and Tiffany's Riding Centre are only a kilometre away to the east!

Some pictures of Almádena

Almadenaview.JPG (12389 bytes) Old_farm.JPG (13832 bytes) Almadena Windmill and trig point.JPG (11691 bytes)
Looking north to Almádena, with the
National Forest on the hills behind.
(A lot more houses there now!)
Locally known as the "Roman" farm,
this certainly dates to the 17th century
The old Windmill at the back of the village
donkeycart.JPG (15620 bytes) Almadenapoco.JPG (18543 bytes) Almadenalaundry.JPG (15725 bytes)
Local Transport (1999) The Well square (1999) The old Laundry (1999)

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