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December 1999

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Her first hours name "Solstice", she was born at 8 am on 21st December, just before full moon. Daughter of Dakar and Champagne Rose, her more than half Lusitano breeding can ensure her registration as a Portuguese Cruzado, and her year being 1999, she will have a registered name beginning with "S" (like Sporting).

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do Ferro - one week old

Having suffered from falling trees around this time last year, to avoid any possible damage to the holding stalls, we sent Deborah to do a lumberjack operation with a bow-saw

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Buy 6 trees and get a free cat. Q joins the outside cats.

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Q, a young tricolour queen.

We leave you with a photo of a "Sunburn II" prop, at present taking up a front stall! Filming in the Algarve now over, we understand that the series will start on January 21st.

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(In accordance with several well-known scientists, astrologers and mathematicians, we are not wishing you a new millennium or century, because that will be starting on the 1st January 2001.
As a rule counting is from 1 to 100 and not 0 to 99.)

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