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May 2000

Mares and Foals under the old Olive Tree

All the foals have now been bunched together in a 'crèche'. It is amazing to see how tall Sonhar do Ferro (5 months) already is in comparison to her mum! (both on the left). This photo is already out of date in a week as Trés Bien has now a very grey face due to loosing most of his foal coat.

It was decided to repaint the trailer,

which has turned into a major renovation!

Surprise, Surprise! What looked like being an easy paint job suddenly escalated... New floor, new electrics, new tyres and new bearings are all being installed. Only nothing is standard so everything is taking time to come in stock over here.

Sergio's "Jack" has visited Kitty


Bottoms up Deborah, by a pond

Deborah has spent the most of May rescuing things from ponds and puddles in the river before they dry up and thus increasing our knowledge of the local wild life. Freshwater Crayfish, Salamander efts, Giant Silver Water beetle, Tree frog tadpole, sundry water-boatmen, snails and tiny fish are now living in our "Nature Reserve" tank, complete with water plants, plenty of hiding places and small beaches.

Three-toed Skink
(chalcides chalcides)

Tiffany, meanwhile, found 
this little creature temporarily 
named "Slith". Similar to the 
Slow-worm, but with four tiny 
little legs, each with three minute 
toes? (We didn't count them!)

More foal pictures!

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