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There was not a lot of photogenic activity in May, so we have put it on the same page as June.

5cut hay.JPG (21445 bytes)
Cutting Ferro's Field for hay.
Harry the hedgehog.JPG (15204 bytes) glowworm.JPG (2367 bytes)
Harry the Hedgehog The gloworm in the yard

Unfortunately, the friendly little fellow, Harry the Hedgehog did not last long. Despite feeding well, on cat food, milk and snails, he had an injury to a back leg and he appeared unable to curl up. We were going to free him at night in the lucerne field - to avoid attack from the dogs and Champagne Rose. Several times we have found stomped hedgehogs in her field, and one day the removal of hedgehog spines from her mouth took all day! Does anyone else know of a horse who detests hedgehogs so much that they will attack them?
The glowworm was a nightly occurrence for about a week. We found it was inhabiting a hole in the concrete in the yard. A couple of night's of closer investigation with a torch and it changed homes. There are several living in the muck heap.

Early activity was concerned with the storing of four loads of hay. Hopefully this will last till the Autumn rains come - if it bothers to rain this Winter. It didn't last year.

Getting ready for Hay.JPG (12224 bytes) Heres load 1.JPG (12454 bytes) we put some here.JPG (12092 bytes)
Getting ready for Hay The first load One lot away
Where shall we put the rest of load 3.JPG (15097 bytes) hatstack.JPG (14614 bytes) fire 5th July.JPG (14075 bytes)
Where to put load three Answer - a mini haystack A few days later, dramatic, but luckily going to miss us

A Seasonal hazard are the bush and forest fires. This one appeared to have started near Barão de São Miguel, and was heading more or less due South.

Mikael Sam Tiffany.JPG (15371 bytes) Sam and Dido jumping.JPG (25580 bytes) D and Scrumps jumping.JPG (25486 bytes)
This was going to be a photo of the Summer Jumping field, but it's taken so long to not produce a suitable one that you can have a picture of Mikael, Sam and Tiffany instead!
(As it's already July)
Sam and Perdido Deborah and Scrumpy

Having taken the hay off Ferro's field, the opportunity to erect a few jumps - and some advertising - was taken. It is also being used for grazing.

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