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October 1999

SatancCloud.JPG (24877 bytes) Satan and Cloud are staying
with us for a couple of weeks,
while their owner, our vet,
pays a visit home for a holiday.


MissSarah.JPG (13801 bytes) Rackle.JPG (13421 bytes) AngelBell.JPG (15406 bytes)
Miss Sarah (PonyxArab) Rackle (Icelandic) Angelbell (Quarterhorse)

These three are with us for a longer livery, having just flown over from the United States to Holland, and completed their journey to the Algarve by horsebox. They are staying until their new home is completed.

MrsBigwig.JPG (18802 bytes)

Gratis.JPG (25823 bytes) Pumpkin.JPG (26912 bytes)

Mrs. Bigwig


A Pumpkin for Halloween

Mrs. Bigwig is a black bantam hen, with a feathery top knot. A chance sighting at the market bought her for the menagerie early in the month.
Gratis is a very young female kitten, found in the rubbish and passed on to us.
The pumpkin is one of a couple that have taken over the patio, and is destined for pumpkin soup in the near future.

Also this month, through compassion, we shot a fox. It was too horrible to take a photograph. The poor creature must have been suffering from something like Leichkman's Disease for ages. She was hairless apart from a few tufts of hair on her tail, with open sores which were flyblown.

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