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August 1999

catchingnew fish.JPG (14843 bytes) newsmallfish.JPG (9651 bytes)
Deborah and Carmen fishing Four new homebred tiddlers
girth cleaning.JPG (21985 bytes)

Sam, Kate & Fran cleaning girths

The Entrance Poles (see July) are upright, but not very photogenic.

Mr. Darcy and Lizzie took themselves off into the undergrowth and wouldn't come home. Lizzie was found in time, but sadly Mr. Darcy met with a red bushy-tailed gentleman who must have invited him to dinner!

September 1999

samnMik.JPG (25025 bytes)

Sam and Mikael,  Coastal Safari

Goodbye, and best wishes to Sam and Mikael.

Grass at last.JPG (20457 bytes) Seed in the hopper.JPG (18408 bytes) Sowing.JPG (22953 bytes)
Grass at last! Filling the hopper Sowing the Far Field

Of course, after the first rains, everything starting to go green and rushing to get the seed in, it hasn't rained since!

Sporting 29-9-99.JPG (27569 bytes)

Sporting, 7 months, 29th September

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